Glaze By Corinna Warm

Glaze Overview

Glaze is a spun, anodised and painted aluminium pendant light for innermost.  Available in 4 sizes and 2 colourways to fit a variety of interiors.

At first glance, it appears to seamlessly fuse delicate sections of metal and porcelain. Yet this fusion of craft and industry created for us by Corinna Warm (designer of Circus) is not as it might appear.
Finish options produce contrast – warm copper kitchen tones against a smooth off white finish, or harder edged versions with graphite anodising and high gloss black paint.

We have sizes from small, slim units for over counter or bar to large deep bell like volumes as well as wider shallow proportions for lighting larger spaces or dining areas.
These pendants are as at home in a classic kitchen or dining interior as they are in a contemporary bar or restaurant.

Specification + Downloads

Material: Aluminium

Colours: Cream & Copper / Black & Charcoal
Glaze in Cream & Charcoal has been discontinued, please contact us for more details.

Dimensions and Product Codes:
GLAZE 14: 30cm H x 14cm diameter
Cream&Copper UK/EU: PG01911007   US: PG01931007
Black&Charcoal UK/EU: PG01911051   US: PG01931051
Light source: UK/EU E27, Max 40W USA E26, Max 40W

GLAZE 33: 20cm H x 33cm diameter
Cream&Copper UK/EU: PG01914007   US: PG01934007
Black&Charcoal UK/EU: PG01914051   US: PG01934051
Light source: UK/EU E27, Max 100W USA E26, Max 100W

GLAZE 32: 51cm H x 32cm diameter
Cream&Copper UK/EU: PG01915007   US: PG01935007
Black&Charcoal UK/EU: PG01915051   US: PG01935051
Light source: UK/EU E27, Max 100W USA E26, Max 100W

GLAZE 56: 34cm H x 56cm diameter
Cream&Copper UK/EU: PG01918007   US: PG01938007
Black&Charcoal UK/EU: PG01918051   US: PG01938051
Light source: UK/EU E27, Max 100W USA E26, Max 100W

Recommended Bulb: LED Globe bulbs 400 – 1000 lumen output and from 2700 K (for warmer with more colour) up to 6000K (daylight)

Ceiling Rose: Colour Matches the paint finish of shade Hemisphere

Cable: 4m, Glaze in black comes with black PVC cable, Glaze in cream comes with clear PVC cable

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