• MnM_Cutout

    Innermost Introduces MnM larger size 60×60

    MnM by Steve Jones This timeless geometrical pendant lamp shapes among the unconventional pendant lamp and creates state-of-the-art ambiance to the boutique, hospitality and residential. It comes with various colours…

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  • 201605- NYCx Award_web 800x600

    NYCxDesign Award 2016 winner YOY

    Innermost YOY Wall won the “Best lighting and fixture” award at the NYCxDesign on May 14, 2016 at the MoMA New York, this inaugural awards event presented by Interior Design…

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  • Lexing_800x600_web

    “Ceci n’est pas une peinture”

    “This is not a painting.” Contemporary art gallery, ART LEXÏNG, located in sunny Miami, Florida, presents an art and design installation exploring the interplay between objectivity and artifice, reality and…

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  • Parasol video_web

    WATCH THIS: Parasol Video!

    Introducing Parasol 2.0 — the same sleek look with upgraded internals. Soft, gentle reflected light is cradled in a very literal parasol in Jonas Forsman’s simple design. Free movement of…

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