by Koray Ozgen

Asteroid is a unique geometrical form in which no two of its twenty-four individual faces are identical and no two edge lengths equal. In clusters, this creates the illusion of many different shapes, when there is only one. Asteroid comes in either clear glass or white plastic, with the plastic version made suitable for outdoor use.

For Asteroid’s 10th Anniversary, now a Special Edition PETROL is available.


Materials: Plastic/ Glass
Dimensions: 29cm H x 30cm diameter
Colours: White Plastic/ Clear Glass/ Petrol Glass (NEW!)

Lightsource: E27 / E26 USA, max 60W (not included)
Recommended Bulb: LED Globe bulbs 400 – 1000 lumen output and from 2700K (for warmer with more colour) up to 6000K (daylight)
Cable Length: Table – 40cm to inline rocker, 1.5m to plug / Pendant – 3m
Cable Colour: White
Other Details: IP57

Lightsource: E14, max 60W (not included)
Recommended Bulb: E14 LED filament or soft tone style 2200 – 2700K with output 300 – 500 lumen. Filament style bulbs will bring out the qualities of the glass. A great lower light ambient effect can be achieved by using a mirror cap LED bulb.
Cable Length: Table – 40cm to inline rocker, 1.5m to plug / Pendant – 2m
Cable Colour: Clear


Download Cutsheet

E14 EEI Label (Asteroid Glass)

E27 EEI Label (Asteroid Plastic)


Examine the Colour Temperature and Wattage Comparison charts.



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