by Corinna Warm

Berlin born, London based Corinna Warm based these beautiful pendants on the shape of Victorian Circus tents. Simple shapes in matte black and white reveal a warm glow as light bounces off the antique gold interior.

The new Grey colour, paired with a matte white interior, is a removal from the traditional use of an antique gold interior in the other pendants of the collection. Now Circus possesses both cool and warm temperature options to style any setting.


Matte white with textured antique gold metallic interior /
Matte black with textured antique gold metallic interior /
Matte grey with textured white interior (NEW!)

Materials: Aluminum

SMALL 18cm height x 15.4cm diameter
MEDIUM 42.3cm height x 36cm diameter
LARGE 31.4cm height x 56cm diameter

Technical Drawing


Rodean School

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