10 questions for innermost’s contemporary lighting designers: Melissa Yip

Melissa Yip studied Product Design in Hong Kong Polytechnic University, her internship in Innermost sparked her interest towards decorative lighting design and she joined the company after graduation. She is passionate about exploring with form language and colours.

We caught up with her to ask these big 10 questions…

1. You designed the new Bud for Innermost, what inspired these beautiful go-anywhere lamps?  
The Muji electric kettle designed by Naoto Fukasawa

2. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty’..)
Naoto Fukasawa, Hella Jongerius, Charles Eames, Zaha Hadid, Dieter Rams, Frank Lloyd Wright

3. What is your favourite piece of architecture?  
The Guggenheim

4. What would you name as the most useful piece of tech?
Wireless charging, and Airdrop!!

5. If you could take any found object and make it into a lamp, what would it be?  
The hang drum, really fascinated by its shape.

6. What’s your favourite object from childhood?  
A chain reaction toy that launches a walnut through different contraptions with squirrels stickers on top.

7. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked in a meeting?  
Nothing crazy happened so far, there’s  just one time I got a bit surprised when I was asked if am I married, and then I received a red packet…!

8. At Innermost we are big fans of the Negroni… what is your favoritee cocktail?
Gin Martini

9. What’s the last exciting project you worked on?
Starting a small brand called Encounter, where we handmade free flow paint phone cases.

10. If you could choose your teachers at Fantasy College – who would you choose to be taught by?
Naoto Fukasawa

Thanks Melissa! We look forward to seeing what you come up with next…