10 questions for innermost’s contemporary lighting designers: Peter Wall, Assemblyroom

Founded by Peter and Cathy Wall in 2003, Assemblyroom is a London based design practice with a strong reputation for creativity in both commercial interior and furniture design. Peter studied Interior Design at Middlesex University and Furniture Design at Oslo National College of Art and Design, whilst Cathy studied Furniture and Product Design at Kingston University. Both then went on to gain experience in commercial practice, engaging in a collaborative and human centred approach, that is still an important part of their design ethos today.

Having established Assemblyroom and undertaken a wide and diverse range of interior projects, the pair went on to develop their interest in small batch production, where their enthusiasm for form, function and materials led to the creation of a range of quality pieces that combine simplicity and elegance with colour and a sense of playfulness. The Assemblyroom collection reflects a timeless quality and an understated familiarity, and this is evident in the Portobello pendant light. We caught up with them to ask 10 big questions..

1. You designed the new Portobello for Innermost, what inspired these beautiful pendant lamps?  
The Portobello Light draws inspiration from the simplicity and functionality of industrial warehouse lighting of a bygone era.

2. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty’..)  
Too many to list, but here’s a few… Jasper Morrison, David Adjaye, David Byrne, David Hockney, Wes Anderson & Eley Kishimoto; or is that too many Davids!

3. What is your favourite piece of architecture?
Again, there are so many, but if I had to choose, it would probably be the Stahl House by Pierre Koenig

4. What would you name as the most useful piece of tech?
Digital callipers & a coffee machine.

5. If you could take any found object and make it into a lamp, what would it be?  
Coiled spring

6. What’s your favourite object from childhood?  

7. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked in a meeting?  
Can you design it to look like my Grandad’s workbench, but with three legs!

8. At Innermost we are big fans of the Negroni… what is your favourite cocktail?
It’s got to be a margarita, every time!

9. What’s the last exciting project you worked on?
A new Lounge Chair, which is being launched this May

10. If you could choose your teachers at Fantasy College – who would you choose to be taught by?  
Pierre Koenig, Jasper Morrison, Alvar Aalto, Donald Judd and David Hockney

Thanks Peter! Find out more about Assemblyroom and their latest projects here.