Lighting bars and restaurants correctly are essential for good ambience – whether the vibe is moody or bright, the lighting should be a key consideration.

Bars & restaurants mostly require subdued lighting to give an ambient & relaxed atmosphere but there is plenty more to consider…

Consider the light temperature

The temperature can change not only the way an interior feels but also the way that food is presented. Fine dining restaurants tend to use warmer lighting that creates a more cosy atmosphere, compared to fast food restaurants, which use bright, cooler temperature light to enhance a lively atmosphere and high turnover. It might sound basic, but taking the time to consider what temperature and effect are required is something that should be done early on.

Play with scale

Don’t be afraid to use oversized pendants and large-scale clusters. Large overhead lights can be extremely successful if you have the luxury of high ceilings. The large Circus pendants at Euro Cucina restaurant look fantastic.

Experiment with colour

If you want to incorporate colour, while not use lighting? Pops of colour suspended in the middle of the room can create a wonderful effect and bring interest to a more subdued or monochrome decor. The yellow Stupa with red cable brings fun and interest to this restaurant in Moscow.

Install multiple fittings

To create various ‘zones’ and give the interior a more boutique feel, don’t be afraid of mixing styles and types of fixtures. Modern designer lights can be playful and experimental while also be efficient and durable. Mix and match styles for a contemporary and dynamic effect, like the Beads and Buckle used simultaneously at the Gaucho Restaurant in Dubai.

Add control functionality

Consider the ability to easily adjust, dim or monitor your lighting. For example, select fixtures that can use bluetooth control, offering an easy way to make lighting fit the changing atmosphere and mood. Innermost products can be paired with Casambi, which has a simple user interface that anyone can operate, via tablets, iPhones or switches. If you will be using the space for various events, the ability to easily manipulate and change the light output will be invaluable.

Consider the lighting at the start of the project

Lighting can make the project by bringing a new element of design, layers of light or a feature area. Don’t neglect it in your plans and research quality modern lighting for hospitality. Here are some great examples to get you started.

Ensure the guests can read their menus!

Though low-level lighting is great for atmospheric bars, it’s still important that customers can see what they are ordering at a comfortable level. Making guests get their iPhone torches out is not a good look! Test bulbs and the overall effect when it is dark outside to be sure you haven’t taken ‘atmospheric’ too far.

Use contemporary spot lighting above tables.

Using spot lighting above the tables brings focus to the meal and can look fantastic- just be careful not to blind guests.

Consider diffusers

To give the right level of light and avoid blinding guests with glare, diffusers can be essential. This allows you to experiment with many different lamp shades while covering bare bulbs and providing a softer light. Innermost have a custom lampshade service and can provide diffusers for any design.

Invest in Modern Lighting Design

Whether designing for a traditional or contemporary space the interior will benefit from good contemporary fittings.  Ultra modern can create amazing contrast in a period interior and a bit of industrial grunge can work with polished modern surfaces and slick minimalism.


Lighting can make a huge difference to the overall feeling of your restaurant and bar is an investment in so at each stage be sure to consider the comfort and enjoyment of your guests. Do get in touch if you’d like any more advice or inspiration for your next project!