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    3 year warranty

Last year we made the decision to extend our standard product warranty to 3 years.
Co-founder Steve Jones explains why we came to the decision and what it means for customers.

Innermost recently launched a 3 year guarantee – what made you do this?

SJ: “Commitment to our customers and belief in our products. Because why not?

We realised the products last well and we are confident of that. In this market it is important to show you believe in your own product line. It is also important to communicate a ‘club’ message to customers, they need to know they are supported and there are benefits.”

The new warranty now guarantees lamps for an additional 2 years, demonstrating confidence in the materials, technology and design of each product, and passing that confidence on to customers. Each product will now come with an official 3 year warranty ‘tag’ attached.

Full details of the warranty includes:

-Workmanship: now guaranteed for 3 years
-Materials: now guaranteed for 3 years
-LED’s: now guaranteed for 3 years

Further warranty improvements:
-Fabric shades: guarantee now extended from 1 to 2 years
-Drivers will continue to be covered by the specific manufacturer’s guarantee – contact us if you have any queries.