DENT 200 White in Milan!

Dent 200, a whopping two metre wide chandelier in the shape of a truncated icosahedron (you know – a football), was developed by designer Chak as an installation for Innermost’s stand at designjunction London September 2013.

Chak first discovered this material – Polyethylene – at a local Hong Kong store full of uncommon fabrics. Inspired by the lustre of its finishing and drawing a relationship between this fabric and blown-metal products, Chak developed Dent – a family of pendants that married a modern industrial aesthetic with the long held tradition of handcrafted objects and upholstery.

An extension of this family, each of Dent 200’s ninety panels are painstakingly sewn together and assembled one by one. The result makes a mockery of the laws of physics. The chandelier’s metallic body seem to command a mass great enough to generate its own gravitational pull – yet it floats weightlessly above the heads of on-lookers, hanging by with little more than a fabric wire.

Dent 200 in white, which will be launched in EDIT by designjunction in Milan April 2014, will be dimmable and programmable as well. The ninety panels of the chandelier come flat-packed for ease of transport.

The Innermost Story

Banksy. The Sex Pistols. Wallace & Gromit. All fearless ambassadors of their own ideology. As are we.

At Innermost, we believe that humour is the best source of inspiration. Sometimes you need to embrace the absurd in order to innovate. Whether that means re-purposing a common everyday material, thinking it’s a good idea to sit on someone’s painting (sorry, mate), or deciding to install a handsome Victorian pull chain toilet in a lighting exhibition stand. There is nothing quite like a raw anarchic pursuit of design freedom to shake off the shackles of the “norm”.

And perhaps it is our blood as Londoners that inspire such passion to rebel against traditional approaches and everyday perceptions to invent new understandings. No bollocks, because if you looked up “London” in the Oxford dictionary, they would agree.

But behind the red telephone boxes, underneath the lacquered mahogany floor boards, and inside those fancy tweed jackets, we are actually a product of diversity. We celebrate designers and ideas from all corners of the globe that share our passion for anarchy. We are a catalyst for these creative minds that – aligned with our reliable engineering, great customer service, and cohesive branding – get the opportunity to take something wild and create something beautiful with it. Over the years, this amalgamation of different stories has proven to work together brilliantly – not unlike the unique harmony between scones and jam on a Sunday afternoon.

This is the Innermost ideology.

Innermost: Powered by Optiled

These two organizations found each other based on a shared passion for innovation and an unrelenting dedication to experimentation.

“When we met the Optiled team what became immediately apparent was that from different vantage points in the lighting world we shared the aim of improving the field of lighting with the use of design and research to make better products and a brighter world,” explained Steve Jones, Co-founder of Innermost.

Optiled is a leading provider of LED lighting technology. The only lighting company that is 100% focused on LED lighting, with extensive R&D resources that are all completely in house, producing each design from scratch to ensure a product of sustainable quality with proven references for the past 10 years. It is the only LED company with a central lab that is UL Energy Star Certified, an international standard for energy efficient consumer products. And it produces superior and more reliable products using world-renowned top class brand LED chips.

By integrating Optiled LED technology into Innermost designs, the design barrier that is technological limitation was lowered. LEDs provide improved control of light output colour, dimmable and programmable options, lights in a myriad of shapes and sizes, and in the near future may even allow for a shift in how light is used in daily life. For lighting and project designers, this translates into possibilities in design that were only dreamt of before.

This alliance will leverage the strengths of both companies for LED lighting solutions. Optiled will benefit from Innermost’s expertise on product design, helping expand their applications to the retail and hospitality segments, while Innermost will utilize Optiled’s considerable LED lighting R&D technology to take its product portfolio to the next level.

Innermost, a powerful innovator in lighting design, and Optiled, the leading innovator in the LED lighting industry, now strive together to bring ‘developments that further the lighting field, both technically and aesthetically.’

Both Innermost and Optiled will be exhibiting at this year’s Frankfurt Light + Building between Sunday, March 30th and Friday, April 4th. Innermost can be found at Hall 1.1, Stand G10, and Optiled at Hall 4.2, Stand J21.

Visit Optiled’s website here.