Everyone wants control; it’s the new buzz in lighting. Smart phone, smart home.

We’re now pleased to offer Bluetooth Mesh options for all our major pendant ranges. These new advances will allow any Innermost light to be controlled wirelessly – from full dimming to some colour tuning options – using a flexible system that can be paired with a single lamp or with complex configurations. This can all be achieved and controlled from a free app by Casambi, which combines ease of installation and optimal functionality (with Bluetooth switches also available).

What is Bluetooth Mesh?

Bluetooth mesh works by linking multiple bulbs or fittings in a chain so each unit can communicate and relay a message to any other unit. There are multiple benefits to Bluetooth, it uses less energy than Wi-Fi and won’t slow down your internet connection; most importantly, there is no extra kit to buy and you don’t lose control of your lights if your Wi-Fi crashes.  Pairing and system set-up is incredibly simple and can be used instantly, without the need for hubs or routers. There are many more in-depth features to explore; allowing the user to configure, save and recall scenes or animations, use motion sensors, define timers using sunrise/sunset, and much more.

This means now that whether it’s just one light in your living room or one thousand lights in your office building, you can get the same level of sophisticated lighting control without the expense or installation disruption of a traditional control system. Perfect for situations like listed buildings where it is not an option to run new cabling, or projects with tight budgets but where programmable lighting control is still needed.

Most importantly all the units and bulbs work together, once paired they sit in a single network that allows the user total control over a group or a single unit no matter what the source or driver type. Pair it and forget about it.

Bluetooth control works with most of the range, so you can have the most beautiful and unique lighting with the latest technology and control solutions. Compatible with Casambi, also used by Occio, Osram and Reggiani. Later this year we will also offer a Circadian rhythm option; a truly human centric lighting source to provide the best light for the time of day or the activity you are doing at the time.

Bluetooth options can now be added to any Innermost pendant order, with the option of colour tuning if an E27 fitting.  This is an integrated solution that is elegant, practical and affordable with a delightful and modern smartphone user experience.

We are offering bluetooth options with only a £35 to £50 surcharge.

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