If you are looking for new ideas for modern chandelier lights then let us inspire you with some alternative designs that will illuminate your interior. We offer a wide range of modern chandelier pendants that make a dramatic impact and will enhance your decor. Our modern designer lighting range uses the latest technology, so it can be integrated with your modern interior.

Facet-Nating Chandelier

This amazing chandelier creates a centerpiece for any space. It set the standard when it was devised by Tom Kirk for flatter format chandeliers, so this is a piece that will suit lower ceiling heights. It has since gone on to grace numerous interiors as the perfect centerpiece. Reflecting its surroundings via the hundreds of etched and folded strips at different angles around both its exterior and interior, the effect is like looking at glass or crystal until you get closer and realize it’s all perfectly polished metal. It is available as pendants of varying sizes and as a wall light in polished stainless steel, brass or bronze, giving you plenty of option if you want to integrate more pieces into the surrounding interior.

Facet Innermost Product

Go Bold With Panel

Try Panel for an exciting modern chandelier pendant. This multi-faceted chandelier uses both polished and matt surfaces, inspired by contemporary jewellery as well as architectural metal cladding. Designer, Steve Jones, layered a mix of finishes and forms to create this exciting chandelier with a contemporary feel. Panel reflects different sections of the interior it is placed in, so would make a great modern statement piece and something totally different from the usual traditional chandeliers.

Panel Innermost Product

Discover A Cluster

Use a cluster as a modern alternative to a chandelier in a hallway or above a dining table. Our multifunctional ceiling rose, Radiate, allow you to hang multiple pendants in a number of configurations. This means that options for a modern cluster chandelier are endless and you can achieve a dramatic designer lighting effect with a neat aesthetic that eliminates the needs for multiple ceiling roses. Radiate is compatible with all Innermost modern pendant lights and can be used with other designer fixtures.

Cluster Innermost Product

With Brixton Cluster The Options Are Endless

In the Spot Cluster, Brixton pendants are suspended around a circular disk. The clusters can be arranged in various patterns to give different design options. Arranged as a down-lit cluster chandelier, the cords themselves criss-cross to create decorative geometric patterns. This creates a truly modern chandelier effect and it can be tailored to the space that you have to fill.

Spot Cluster, Brixton Pendant

Integrate Your Chandelier With Modern Lighting Control

Consider the ability to easily adjust, dim or monitor your chandelier lighting. By selecting fixtures that can use bluetooth control, you make the lighting fit the changing atmosphere and mood. Innermost products can be paired with Casambi, which has a simple user interface that anyone can operate, via tablets, iPhones or switches.