Co-working is not only redefining the way people work, but the way offices are designed. This smart, shared workplace revolution is taking place worldwide and has lead to new demand for innovative and contemporary lighting solutions. As co-working spaces increase in popularity, so does demand for lighting that is beautifully considered and works within multipurpose, adaptable spaces.

Co-working spaces often consist of multiple modular areas and different set-ups for various work and break-out spaces. It is no longer a case of choosing just one type of fitting to light an office, but designers must mix a number of modern lighting styles to highlight a variety of social spaces.

Contemporary co-working spaces must create a balance between an impression of homeliness and professionalism. Lighting is a major component when it comes to workspace design. From computer desks to meeting rooms or ‘chill-out spaces’, lighting can help or hinder when setting the right tone and ambiance of a space.

Colours play a key role in defining space illumination, and bright colours can help create a sense of increased lighting and better amplitude.

In this Coca-Cola office, colourful Snowdrop lights have been used to bring colour and interest to the jolly canteen. The selected innermost products reflect the fun and vibrancy of the interior at the offices in Madrid.https://www.innermost.net/projects/snowdrop-by-stone-designs-at-coca-cola-spain/

Co-working spaces require areas of privacy and quiet, and a booth, like the one used in the Coca-Cola office, provides the desired comfort level for smaller meetings or independent work. Such spaces enable a level of privacy and comfort away from the desk, which helps to improve concentration while not feeling shut off from the rest of the office. Glaze has been used to beautiful effect within the retro-style booths- softly lighting the space and bringing a combination of textures for a stylish finish.As experts in office design and smart workspace transformations, Peldon Rose have styled numerous beautiful & efficient co-working spaces. With their ethos to transform office design for the benefit of people and business, they create offices that reflect the unique identity of each company. They recently used Innermost lighting pendants in their refurbishment of the Pret a Manger head office, featuring a mixture of classic pendants as well as bespoke pieces produced by innermost.https://www.innermost.net/projects/pret-a-manger/

Clusters of beautiful Circus were used in white throughout the space, and Jeeves pendants brought personality to the interior.  From the striking use of standard innermost products to the bespoke illuminated coffee cups, this project speaks of the creativity and quality behind the Pret a Manger brand, with thoughtful illumination.

This converted warehouse space in East London gives an industrial backdrop to the simultaneously playful and functional Gable, used in red. The huge windows and concrete floor of this minimal office are accented by five of the long LED task-lights, suspended from the high ceiling. Gable brings a burst of colour and a welcome alternative to the nasty fluorescent strips of traditional office lighting.https://www.innermost.net/projects/studio-office/

To create a balance, it is important to have areas designed specifically with low lighting to encourage relaxation and create a calming space. In this LinkedIn office in New York, the Jeeves Wall brings British charm and gentle illumination to the dark walls of this breakout area.https://www.innermost.net/projects/linkedin-new-york-office/

Another amazing space that has been tastefully transformed by Peldon Rose is the new Moo office in Farringdon. Although it is not a co-working space, they have adapted many of the same design devices to create an office that is fully flexible, comfortable and approachable. From the sofas & classic furniture used, to the Circus pendants which hang over their meeting area, each design choice has been made with domestic comfort in mind.


The co-working environment has inspired a new way of designing office space, not just for shared office buildings but for many companies looking to embrace the ethos of contemporary workplaces with a strong company culture. To create a place that supports and encourages innovation, offices need to balance private and communal spaces, by using thoughtful domestic styling. Within these spaces the selection of good quality lighting is essential, adding to an environment of productivity and well-being.