A sustainable furniture brand from Copenhagen which creates dining chairs from waste materials, including fishing nets and discarded electronic devices, is now available to buy in the UK.  

Wehlers, which has won awards for the use of alternative materials in the fight against plastic waste, has brought its founding product – the R.U.M Chair – to the UK via online retailer Innermost Plus

R.U.M stands for ReUsedMaterials with the dining chairs being made from various waste products including old computers, printers and old car equipment, which has been sorted, cleaned and granulated before being melted into the dark plastic to create the furniture. 

They are the perfect addition to an office or study space and can be used for outdoor dining set-ups too.

The company operates on the principal of a ‘circular’ economy which means all the materials used in the production of R.U.M. can be 100 percent recycled for new Wehlers furniture.  
Wehlers also meets the wide ranging environmental and social criteria to become an official B-Corp certified company. Currently it is one of 5,000 B-Corps globally.

Wehlers is now an official partner of Innermost Plus – a UK lighting and furniture specialist that works with brands all over Europe to offer a range of high-quality products to companies and individuals, including interior designers and architects.

Maria Fryd Wehler, founder, said: “We don’t think the world needs any more designer furniture. Instead, we are absolutely convinced that more opportunities are needed for sustainable consumption. The result is Wehlers – Furniture for good. We founded the company to be the positive change we would like to see in the world. Our place in history depends on the choices we make all the time.”

All the materials used are sustainable and are predominantly e-waste (electronic devices), marine plastics including fishing nets, beer kegs, recycled steel & FSC certified wood and recycled textiles. 

The chair design was created by C.F. Møller Design, one of Scandinavia’s leading architectural firms with 90 years’ experience in the Nordic region and worldwide.

To find out more about Wehlers UK distribution and for UK sales enquiries please visit www.innermost.net or contact a member of the team on info@innermost.net or 020 7620 1808.