EOQ Design

Designer Bio

EOQ Design is rooted in a spirit of enquiry and industrial adventure. EOQ use classic design principles with a new and constantly evolving vocabulary, delivering perfectly engineered pieces with sublime, sleek finishes. From extruded aluminium to hand blown glass, each design is crafted with precision engineering; quality that is evident when admired up-close.

The technical, satin look of their modern lighting product is truly current and instantly attracted innermost co-founders, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron, to the brand. ‘With an aesthetic that fits right between technical and decorative, it is a style that will perfectly compliment the Innermost range.’ As Steve describes, ‘The collection of lighting fits beautifully in interiors, from banks and offices to residential spaces, and will give our customers an amazing choice of perfectly-executed lighting and furniture.’

The initial collections were made under the design direction of Michael Young, one of the generation’s most influential British designers, and the company continues to be driven by brand director, Matt Pepper.


  • Dub Pendants
    Dub Pendants
  • Joseph Pendants
    Joseph Pendants
  • Bramah Pendants
    Bramah Pendants
  • Joseph Table
    Joseph Table
  • Joseph Wall
    Joseph Wall
  • Bramah Bedside
    Bramah Bedside
  • Bramah Floor
    Bramah Floor
  • Bramah Table
    Bramah Table
  • Joseph Bedside
    Joseph Bedside
  • Bramah Wall
    Bramah Wall
  • Joseph Floor
    Joseph Floor