We are delighted to announce that innermost are now the exclusive European distributor of the EOQ lighting and furniture range!

EOQ is rooted in a spirit of enquiry and industrial adventure. They use classic design principles with a new and constantly evolving vocabulary, delivering perfectly engineered pieces with sublime, sleek finishes. From extruded aluminium to hand blown glass, each design is crafted with precision engineering; quality that is evident when admired up-close.

The technical, satin look of their product is truly current and instantly attracted co-founders Steve and Russell to the brand. ‘With an aesthetic that fits right between technical and decorative, it is a style that will perfectly compliment the innermost range.’ As Steve describes, ‘The collection of lighting fits beautifully in interiors, from banks and offices to residential spaces, and will give our customers an amazing choice of  perfectly-executed lighting and furniture.’

The initial collections were made under the design direction of Michael Young, one of the generation’s most influential British designers, and the company continues to be driven by brand director, Matt Pepper.

Here are some of our favourite lines…

Bramah represents the first exploration of lighting forms, reflected in the simple and recognisable silhouette. Extruded from a solid block of aluminium, the delicate shadows it creates are both beautiful and surprising.

The Otto stool has a cast aluminium seat and legs in Oak or Walnut. The special casting process allows the seat to be anodised in all the usual colour options, giving a vast range of decorative possibilities.

The soft Asian silhouette of the Joseph collection belies the reassuring strength of an object crafted from a solid piece of aluminium. Each piece is extruded into shape, softened with CNC cutting before being milled to open up the core and allow the light to diffuse through the fins.

A classic shape re-interpreted through modern production. The chair is made using both extruded and stamped recycled aluminium, which is then subject to hand finishing before surface treatment.

As the newest addition to the lighting range, Dub is made using the same raw extrusion, sculpted into a softer form by removing more aluminium material. This allowed EOQ to encase the resultant space in beautiful hand blown glass from the Czech Republic. The Glass shades are packed separately enabling a variety of colour combinations of glass and aluminium.

EOQ share innermost’s commitment to excellent quality and we are thrilled to be offering their full range of lighting and furniture for distribution to the European market. Visit EOQ to view the full range or contact us for more information.