As sponsors of the Darc Awards, we will be creating an impressive lighting installation for the official awards party, ‘Darc Night’, which will take place on 31 May 2018 at the London nightclub, Fabric. Having opened in 1999, Fabric occupies the former Metropolitan Cold Stores of Smithfield Meat Market and makes for a fantastic lighting exhibition and event space, full of dark corners and intriguing alcoves.

Designer of the Brixton lights, James Bartlett, is heading up the design of Innermost’s lighting display for the event. After the initial site visit, James and the team had plenty of ideas to fill the space with light, choosing some of our newest product to display. ‘The curvaceous brickwork of the old Smithfield stores makes for a fantastic installation space and we were immediately inspired by the challenge of lighting this historic and iconic building. We wanted to create an installation that complemented the structure and worked well with the curvature of the bare-brick arches and store rooms.’

The result will be a dynamic installation of Kepler and Brixton units that will follow the curves of the interior dome while providing gentle and subtle illumination.

While Kepler looks great as a stand alone piece, layering the transparent units creates a dazzling impact and should produce a fascinating display curving over the nightclub’s ceiling. The disks of light create an intriguing effect which will work perfectly inside the dark and cavernous interior of Fabric.

Meanwhile Brixton Spot pendants will be suspended around the venue’s walls. The turreted shape allows light to glint through the slots in the side and will provide interesting reflections on the inside walls of the former cold stores.

In the middle of the Kepler display, James and the team will also install a unit of Brixton Cluster, where the Brixton modules are suspended around a circular disk. The clusters can be arranged in various patterns to give different design options. Arranged as a down-lit cluster chandelier, the cords themselves criss-cross to create decorative geometric patterns. The cluster itself will be subtly lit from the surrounding Kepler pedants, while providing further down-lighting at the centre.

Don’t miss Darc Night at Fabric for light installations, a free bar, street food, live DJ’s and more.

Date : 31st May, 2018
Location : Fabric, London