As a proud sponsor of darc magazine's inaugural darc awards, innermost was invited to create a unique lighting installation for the awards evening in partnership with a lighting design practice.

Innermost and Elektra Lighting’s installation at darc night featured the newest additions to innermost’s lighting collection. Ambient Stupa pendants by Freshwest and Latitude spotlights by Flynn Talbot floated amidst a series of illusionary funhouse mirrors.

Six commanding mirrors defiantly rejected the common reality, and substituted their own. Suddenly, the same pendant lamp transformed into six different designs; the same person, into six different individuals.

innermost Elektra darc night installation (5)_web

As one weaved in and out of the illusions presented by the mirrors, the contrasting lighting installation – with the ambient glow of Stupa lamps against the striking outlines of the Latitude spotlights – seemed to come to life.

innermost Elektra darc night installation (2)_web

YOYLight table lamps, also present at Innermost and Elektra Lighting’s installation, mirrored the playful theme of illusion versus reality by projecting it’s own halo of a classic lampshade onto the wall.

innermost Elektra darc night installation (6)_web