• Grey & Yellow Inspirations
  • Core, by Steve Jones and Frankie Chan
  • Slider Innermost Jelly Pendants in both sizes of 24 and 22
    Jelly, by Stone Designs
  • Lateralis, by Ben McCarthy
  • Membrane, by Jette Scheib
  • Slider Innermost Matrioshka Pendants Grey and Yellow web
    Matrioshka, by Stone Designs
  • Slider Innermost portland concrete colours family
    Portland, by James Bartlett
  • RD2SQ, by Steve Jones
  • Snowdrop, by Stone Designs
  • Stupa, by Freshwest

Neutral colours such as grey, black, and white are always in season, but they don’t have to be boring. Add a contemporary twist to a classic look using yellow accents. Sophisticated greys and zesty yellows make for a brilliant and lively combination that is sure to give any room a new lease of life!

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