Gather inspiration online

Pinterest is an amazing source of interior inspiration and you can create your own mood boards in minutes, gathering ideas from so many sources. Placing images next to each other allows you to quickly get a feel for how the mix of influences will work together. For lighting in particular, it can be hard to visualise the scale & effect without looking at a few examples. Take a look at Innermost’s boards as a starting point for pendant lighting inspiration. You can then find boards based on more specific search terms, such as residential interiors, cool offices or retail spaces.

Consider the light temperature

How do you want to feel when you’re in the room? Is it a space to be inspired or to feel calm..? Consider this early on as it will affect what style of lighting you go for and the type of aesthetic. If you don’t know about lighting specifications, talk to the lighting manufacturer or retailer who can advise what you need to achieve your desired atmosphere. We are always happy to help talk through your design plans.

Pendant Light Ideas

Don’t be afraid to go big!

We say this a lot at innermost, but it continues to be one of our top pieces of advice. Large scale pendants can create a stunning effect. If you have high ceilings then you can get really adventurous with deep dish shades and oversized pendants. We also offer a number of flat format chandeliers that will work for more compact spaces to give the same amount of impact.

Pendant Light Ideas

Metallics are always on trend

Gold and copper lights reflect beautifully, give an impression of luxury and add to the ambience. A high quality brass or copper lamp will be an investment piece. Choose a classic shape that will not date, such as the stunning Bramah or Joseph pendant lamps by EOQ.
Use metallics with neutral backdrops to keep on trend this year.

Pendant Light Ideas

Try a cluster

Mixing pendants in a small group at different heights is called a ‘cluster’ and can create a lovely effect. It might seem complicated but using a selection of a few pendants is highly effective. Mix pendant styles and materials to give a contemporary finish.

Pendant Light Ideas

Browse our collection for more ideas of pendant lighting that will bring great style into your interior.