• Increased Warranty

Innermost are delighted to announce that the majority of the lighting range will now come with an extended 3-year guarantee!

Here at Innermost we have always been committed to the highest standard of design and manufacturing. From the leather used in Cobra, to the concrete mix for Portland: only excellent quality materials and components go into our products. We are tripling the warranty to demonstrate our confidence in the materials, technology and design of each product, and passing that confidence on to our customers.

This change in warranty will guarantee our lamps for an additional 2 years, including:
-Workmanship: now guaranteed for 3 years
-Materials: now guaranteed for 3 years
-LED’s: now guaranteed for 3 years

Further warranty improvements:
-Fabric shades: guarantee now extended from 1 to 2 years
-Drivers will continue to be covered by the specific manufacturer’s guarantee – contact us if you have any queries.

Contact Innermost for more details or to take advantage of the extended warranty.