• innermost & the industry

We are passionate about each design and every level of detail that goes into it. We place production where the best skills can be found for the process and travel across the globe sourcing the best quality materials and most suitable producers for each product and every component. Whether we are prototyping in Hong Kong, using hand-blown glass by artisans in the Czech Republic, or doing bespoke engineering at our factory in the UK, we stay close to the manufacturing development at every level.

Bespoke Manufacture and OEM
Since 1999, we continue to produce many of our lights and lampshades in the UK, at our facility in Telford, with ownership over everything from production, assembly, testing, packaging, and warehousing. This in-house management of the entire process allows us to guarantee the highest standard of quality, as well as giving us full flexibility when it comes to bespoke product. We often use our expertise to develop and manufacture products for other high-end design houses in an OEM capacity. From licensing and manufacturing existing designs, to providing a full design consultancy, we offer a unique and tailored service and are able to produce in high volume and absolute one-offs. Please contact us if you are interested in hearing more about our design and production services.

Ethical Standards & Social Responsibility
Along with our commitment to developing product of the highest quality, we develop partnerships with manufacturers who share our common principles of social and environmental accountability.  At innermost, we work closely with each supplier to ensure that our standards are met in terms of intellectual property, ethical employment and environmental responsibility.

Longevity and the 3 Year Guarantee
It is crucial to us that Innermost products are long-lasting and we craft each of them with longevity in mind. From the leather used in Cobra, to the concrete mix for Portland: only excellent quality materials and components go into each product. To demonstrate this confidence in the quality, technology and design of our products, the majority of our range comes with a 3-year guarantee as standard.

And Beyond…
We work with our clients to ensure that each piece continues to be cutting edge as we develop technological advances to keep our range absolutely relevant to the changing market. The next major change coming is connectivity and we have been working on integrating our products with bluetooth technology, which will produce truly versatile and functional lighting available for all. Ask us about our upcoming developments.