• Oscars of the Lighting Design Profession

Innermost is proud to be the official partner of a unique new lighting design awards programme – darc awards. Spear headed by leading international publications of light – mondo*arc and darc – and in collaboration with creative consultants Lighting Collection, the award will celebrate international architectural and decorative lighting.

It’s one designer, one vote…

Like innermost in product design, darc has recognized the design community’s longing for something subversive and alternative in award formats. It will herald a unique new peer-to-peer voting system, making darc awards the first truly democratic award, uninfluenced by motivated 3rd parties.

A Celebration of Light

Everything will culminate in darc night – an awards ceremony like none before it. On September 24th, light shall take over and transform a secret London location. Look out for innermost’s special lighting installation then.

The darc awards and darc night is a part of the IYL2015 related activities program and will be promoted by the L-RO to raise awareness for the lighting design profession and showcase the importance and beauty of light.

Take a look at the entries now.