• Barstool 4A in Black, Pendants Light
    Barstool 4A in black
  • Barstool 4a White, Silver & Black, Pendants Light, Innermost
    Barstool 4a white, silver & black

Barstool 4a Overview

This barstool offers great flexibility especially in commercial applications. It is made using both extruded and stamped recycled aluminium, which is then subject to hand finishing before surface treatment.   For further information please visit the EOQ website.

Specification + Download

Material: Aluminium, Leather
Surface finish: Anodised / Powder Coated

Barstool 4a
Dimensions and Product Codes: BS4A 76cm H x 36.2cm W

Colours: Anodised Silver/Mirror Polished/Powder Coated

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Barstool 4a specification sheet