• Bud is available in 6 colours
  • Take Bud anywhere!
  • Bud at Night
  • Bud comes in a beautiful full colour gift box
  • Bud and Core at Innermost Bar London

Bud Overview

Bud is a go-anywhere do-anything LED lamp. Whether illuminating a night picnic, a romantic rooftop dinner or an indoor play den, this rechargeable portable lamp frees you from the constraints of cables, with a three step dimming function to adjust to any situation. Imitating nature, the globe bulb is shelled by two petal-like forms which appear to simultaneously hold and protect the light. Interact with Bud’s bulb to activate the light and dimming function. The tapered cylindrical form encases the translucent globe on top of a thin silicone pad that allows it be pushed to adjust dimming. Push down on Bud’s bulb to activate the light and press again to increase the light intensity from 25% to 50% to 100%. It's splash proof so if you leave it in the rain just dry it off before you charge it up again. Designed by Melissa Yip for Innermost, Bud is available in 6 pleasingly solid colours. In stock now. Buy Now

Specification + Download

Material: Polycarbonate

Product Code: UK / EU
: LB132105XX
Dimensions: 20.2cm H x 11.7cm W

11 – Fluro (Pantone: 805)
12 – Ocean (Pantone: 2377)
13 – Olive (Pantone: 2409)
26 – Aubergine (Pantone: 511)
27 – Lemon (Pantone: 120)
44 – Ash (Pantone: COOL GREY 1)


Other: Ni-MH battery 3.6V / 2000mAh
3-step dimmer switch
(dimming percentage: 25%, 50%, 100%)
IP 20 (for use in dry locations)
Micro USB Cable

: 1W LED rechargeable portable table light,
LED 2700K, CRI 80
Class III, 90 Lumen
20 hours maximum battery life
(5hr battery life at 100%, 10hr at 50%, and 20hr at 25%)
5 hours to fully recharge

download pdf

Innermost Bud Spec Sheet

Bud 3 step dimming function

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