• large donut lampshade
  • scion lohko colour family
  • innermost lampshade fabric
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  • innermost lighthouse lampshade

Donut Shades Overview

Donuts are one of our factory specialisms, they are the perfect way to create a stylish lighting piece of great scale on a more modest budget. There are other very practical aspects to the format such as fabrics that can aid acoustic dampening within interiors and transparent materials to maximise light output. The item is not a stock product but we hold components for the most common size 110cm external, 70cm internal and 30cm high for a faster turnaround.  Smaller or larger sizes are possible from 90cm upto 120cm maximum external diameter. The recommended fitting we provide would be either 6x E27 fittings or 6 900lm DropLED units. The shade can also be constructed with a drop in diffuser. Get in touch directly with our sales team for more information info@innermost.net Take a look at our shades catalogue download on the homepage.