• havas birch pendant light

HAVAS Overview

Pilke® Havas is a do-it-yourself lamp and comes in a flat box with assembly instructions. Havas is an intelligent, geometric 3D puzzle for you to assemble yourself. This light comes in a flat box with assembly instructions. You can create a dashing installation of one or more Havas lamps in a lobby, restaurant or shop window. This playful geometric design and natural, sustainable wood bring warmth and wellbeing to your life. Traditional Finnish woodwork remastered by today’s computer technology enables assembly without using any glue or screws.

Tuukka Halonen

Designer I have been influenced by traditional crafts employing wood in its various forms. It inspired me to create new interpretations of the craft heritage utilizing today’s manufacturing techniques and materials. I want to investigate material qualities, beauty of structures. Pilke® Signature Collection is an unique example of geometrically decorative wooden lights.