• Slider Innermost Otto Stool in Oak and Walnut
    Otto Stool in Oak and Walnut
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    Otto Stool and Barstool

Otto Stool Overview

The Otto stool has a cast aluminium seat and legs in Oak or Walnut. It is a special casting process that allows us to anodise the seat in all the usual colour options giving a vast range of decorative possibilities. This stool is supplied unassembled making it a cost effective item for delivery. Also available as a Barstool.

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Specification + Download

Material: Aluminium, Oak / Walnut
Surface finish: Anodised

Otto Stool
Dimensions and Product Codes: OTS 45cm H x 34.5cm W

Colours: Gold/ Copper/ Pale Gold/ Grey/ Silver


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Otto Stool Spec Sheet