• Made to Order - Choose the plate design
  • Bespoke Plate Chandelier at Hei House, Hong Kong
  • Bespoke Plate Chandelier at Hei House, Hong Kong

Platelet Overview

Platelet is a made-to-order chandelier with an array of ceramic plates arranged around a circular base. Originally designed for a restaurant, the design has been adapted into a semi standard product where the client can advise on the plates to be installed onto the chandelier, to match the particular style of the interior. Dedicated LED's are dispersed around the circular pendant, which reflect between the plates and provide an interesting lighting effect. Perfect to give a statement centerpiece to a restaurant or hospitality project, available in 3 sizes. Contact us with any enquires and to discover what you can achieve.

Specification + Download

*Only available as special order
Platelet 75: 75cm diameter
Platelet 115: 115cm diameter
Platelet 165: 165cm diameter