R.U.M. Original Fishing Nets Overview

R.U.M. Original Fishnet is green and made of fishnet. The fishing net is collected and sorted in and around Denmark to ensure the highest quality and color combination. The plastic is taken from the Scandinavian seas and harbours. Primarily from Denmark, the Faroe Islands and Iceland, but also all the way into international waters. Use - R.U.M. is ideal as a dining chair, for the study or in the children's room. Whether it's a child's birthday party or a visit from the in-laws, the R.U.M. chair can take a beating. A sustainable design piece of furniture that is not only great to sit on, but also fits perfectly into our shared ambition for a green future. R.U.M. is also available with armrests and with upholstered seat. Design - The expression on the chair was created by C.F. Møller Design, which is an integral part of C.F. Møller Arkitekter, one of Scandinavia's largest architectural companies. C.F. Møller Design collaborates on international development of innovative and important products for people, buildings and cities. Their and our vision is to improve the lives of people and the planet. C.F. Møller Design describes the creation of R.U.M. as friendly, comfortable and practical, for use in public spaces, in companies and in private homes. Sustainability - R.U.M. is short for Re-Used Materials and R.U.M. is sustainable. Recycled marine and household plastics and circular economy are key words. The circular thinking can be seen in the fact that only two materials have been used in the production of R.U.M. and that both of these materials can be recycled 100% for new Wehlers furniture. Dimensions - width: 46 cm, seat height: 47 cm, seat depth: 43 cm