• Circus at Pret Headquarters reception
  • Circus at Pret Headquarters
  • Jeeves at Pret Headquarters
  • Bespoke illuminated Pret coffee cups
  • Bespoke illuminated Pret coffee cups
  • Circus at the Pret Academy

Project Details

A mixture of innermost products as well as bespoke pieces light up this wonderful headquarters in central London. innermost developed a number of unique lighting fixtures for this office (dubbed the ‘Pret academy’), including lights which look like the signature Pret coffee cups and sandwich packets.
Clusters of beautiful Circus were used in white throughout the space, and Jeeves pendants brought personality to the interior. From the striking use of standard innermost products to the bespoke illuminated coffee cups, and unique light fittings which innermost sourced, this project speaks of the creativity and quality behind the brand.

Our British classic, the Jeeves bowler hat pendant light has been installed to great effect. The quirky shades look right at home in this office that even has its own iconic telephone box!

Project: Pret a Manger Academy
Location: Central London
Year: 2016

Products Used

  • Piccadilly
    Piccadilly By Pret a Manger HQ
  • Take Away Light
    Take Away Light
  • Jeeves & Wooster
    Jeeves & Wooster
  • Private: Bespoke Production
    Private: Bespoke Production