• Soda pop-up shop at Selfridges
  • Yoy Light
  • Circus at Selfridges
  • Circus at Selfridges

Project Details

Our lovely customer Soda launched a pop-up concession within Selfridges in London and Birmingham at the end of 2017. Our YOYLight was one of the products on display and looked delightful in the colourful store-in-store. After all the excitement we popped over to the Selfridges ‘Festive Drinks Parlour’ to see our black Circus pendants in use. And got a cheeky festive tipple or 2…

Location: Soda pop-up, Selfridges
Product: YOY Light, Circus

Products Used

  • Piccadilly
    Piccadilly By Soda pop-up shop