• The Colours of Spring

Spring has arrived. Dust off the winter blues with these fresh colour accents from our lighting and furniture collection:


Jelly, by Stone Designs

Transparent hand blown glass shades that seem to quiver in the light, colourful Jelly is a treat for the eyes. With four colours across two sizes, the collection truly comes alive when mixed and matched together.


Matrioshka, by Stone Designs

Matrioshka is Russian nesting dolls re-imagined in domes of pigmented, hand blown glass around an E27 light source. As both artificial and natural light pass through the glass, colours converge to form new ones, resulting in a living light that subtly changes with its surroundings.


Snowdrop, by Stone Designs

A soft glow playfully peeks through candy-coloured veils. Each Snowdrop, inspired by flowers of the same name, drifts effortlessly in mid-air, delivering charm and character to any room.


Asteroid (Petrol Glass), Koray Ozgen

Asteroid is a unique geometrical form in which no two of its twenty-four individual faces are identical and no two edge lengths equal. In clusters, this creates the illusion of many different shapes, when there is only one.


Poke Stool, by Kyuhyung Cho

Poke is not just another wooden stool — A series of strategically placed holes not only allow them to stack and nest together for easy storage, but also grant them seemingly endless stacking possibilities. Poke is a stool for adults with a spirit of child-like play!


Not a fan of colour? Not a problem. Have a look at the full collection here and carve out your own definition of spring!