At Innermost we love a bespoke project and being challenged by our customers to achieve their exact lighting project specifications. We often create totally bespoke pieces for clients, but a big part of our day to day challenges include customising products from the range to create something of a different size, material, colour or configuration. We thought we’d share our top 5 contemporary lighting pendants that we get asked to modify most often, and what we change from the original.

Spun Pendants

What we change: Colour

Most often adapted by colour – we get many requests for specific paint jobs on the Spun Pendants to match another hue in an interior.

In fact, we get so many requests for personalising the colour that we are bringing out a custom colour service at the end of summer! We will offer 20 standard colours to choose from (and many more on request) with a quick turnaround and a minimum of only 1 unit..! This will be available on Circus, but also pendants such as FoundryWe are also able to change cable colours as well as the shades, so there is the opportunity to get creative with bespoke combinations. 

Circus Customized Lighting Product


What we change: Configuration & interior reflector

We often get asked to turn Jeeves pendants into unique chandeliers, which always look fantastic. Like this bespoke piece at the Lai Bun Fu Restaurant in Hong Kong.

Jeeves Bespoke at Lai Bun Fu Hong Kong 01We are also often asked to change the interior reflector to match the decor of a project, such as above the mannequins in this Harvey Nichols store, which were changed from gold to silver.


What we change: Cap, ceiling rose & cable

Snowdrop is available in a juicy selection of colours but we can also offer other variations! Change the colour of the ‘caps’, the ceiling rose or choose contrasting cables to make it your own.


What we change: Materials & colour

After 18 years, we continue to produce most of our lampshades in the UK, at our facility in Shropshire. This ownership over the entire allows us to guarantee the highest standards of quality, as well as giving us the flexibility to make a quantity of 1 to 1000+.

For lampshades, the possibilities are endless: we are only limited by your imagination!

BBC North Bespoke 02


What we change: Whatever you can imagine! (just not a different size)

Asteroid is a product that is not inherently easy to adapt but it was in producing 2 ‘special requests’ that lead to the clear & dichromatic glass versions that are now a part of the range.

These popular changes prove that even better versions can come out of initial ideas and we are always open to working with our clients to develop something new. The custom colour Circus range and diachromatic Asteroid lights are just some examples where client input has initiated exciting & innovative developments. If you have ideas or requests for customised product, we would love to hear from you and for you to put us to the test!