• TRENDING: Glass is In

2015 is the year of light and Glass is in.

At its working temperature, Glass is liquid light, formed by fire and shaped by the glass maker’s breath. In its cooled and hardened form, its translucent body reflects and refracts light, reshaping the world through its lens and regurgitating captivating lighting effects.


MATRIOSHKA, by Stone Designs is an investigation into this inherent quality of glass that lends itself so well to lighting. As both artificial and natural light passes through the layers of pigmented glass filters, colours converges to form new ones, resulting in a living light that subtly changes with its surroundings.


Geometry adds a new dimension to the effects of glass, as seen in ASTEROID, by Koray Ozgen. Sharp lines and clean edges that almost disappear into the translucent material reappear as distinctive patterns of light and shadow on the lamps’ surroundings.


Glass also possess a gentle and ambient side. Frosted glass orbs in SNOWDROP, by Stone Designs emit an almost romantic soft glow, allowing their aluminium caps to really ‘pop’.

Lastly, glass can be juxtaposed with other materials for an even richer composition. Ben McCarthy, the designer of LATERALIS, has chosen dark timber and brass for his design. The seamless merger of these 3 distinct materials is a design feat all on its own. But it is our fascination with those same unique qualities of glass that make the lamp so infinitely mesmerizing.