• Slider Innermost Dub Pendants in Gold with Smoke Glass
  • Slider Innermost Dub Large Pendants in All Colours

EOQ is rooted in a spirit of enquiry and industrial adventure, using classic design principles with a new and constantly evolving vocabulary. They deliver perfectly engineered pieces with sublime, sleek finishes. The initial collections were made under the design direction of Michael Young, one of the generation’s most influential British designers, and the company continues to be driven by brand director, Matt Pepper. We caught up with Matt to find out what he’s been working on with our 10 big questions…

1. We adore the EOQ range, seriously beautiful pieces that look amazing in the flesh. What inspired the first collections?
As with many ideas the inspiration came by accident when working with an aluminium supplier and asking for samples of anodising finishes – they sent them over using small heat sinks as the smallest item to hand and it sparked the idea that eventually became our lighting range.

2. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty</strong’..)
All those ego’s around one table? More of a nightmare I would imagine….

3. What is your favourite piece of architecture?
Impossible to have a favourite but I’ve been recently reminded of the way both the Hawksmoor Church in Spitalfields and the Gridiron Building in NY can take your breath away at the right moment.

4. What would you name as the most useful piece of tech? Or alternatively the most pointless..?
Bad person to ask – still using my 20yr old hi-fi and marvelling at the wonder of my Kindle!

5. If you could take any found object and make it into a lamp, what would it be?
I’ll know when I find it I guess….

6. What’s your favourite object from childhood?
I have a fork that belonged to my grandmother and can remember using at her house. Somehow I’ve managed not to lose it along the way and at some point it became the only fork I’ll use to mix tuna mayonnaise.

7. What’s the funniest or weirdest thing a client has ever asked for or said in a meeting?
“Probably asking if one our team was asleep. He was.”

8. At innermost we are big fans of the Negroni.. What’s your favourite cocktail?
More of a beer fan but have a soft spot for a well made Caipirinha

9. What’s the last thing you designed or exciting project you worked on?
I’m currently working with a designer on a new product for EOQ next year but in terms of exciting projects I think the project that I found most exciting and surprising this year was working with the UK government to provide lighting for the GREAT Festival of Innovation held here in HK. It was pulled together last minute but was a wonderful reminder of how much the EOQ products can lift an environment.

10. If you could choose your teachers at Fantasy College – who would you choose to be taught by?
Georgina Godley, Marcus Wareing, Matthew Hilton and David Collins