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Aptly named and a clever use of an oxymoron. Just the title of our new found favourite wall coverings decorating our New Stand sets the tone for the intriguing style of self proclaimed Artisigner (artist and designer) Deborah Bowness.

Standing between art and function, Bowness’ wallpaper designs break away from traditional patterns and colours into trompe l’oeil images that appear to interact with the objects in our space.

The wallpapers are made in a small factory in Yorkshire, England. Each design begins life as photographs, joined together in montage, and then digitally printed, life-sized, onto drops of wallpaper. Bowness’ team of skilled printers then revitalize the flattened, monochrome images by silkscreening layers of hand-mixed colours on top and hand painting in finer details.

A deliberate shun of the traditional repeated pattern allows each design to sit naturally as part of the furnishings in the room – full of playful character, yet never overpowering.

Winner of the 2013 Best Wallpaper Collection (manufacturer) from Northern Design Awards

Visit the Studio of Deborah Bowness online for more information!