Authentically Innermost

At innermost we work with our designers to develop unique products using only the best quality materials combined with the latest innovative technology.
Our products come with a genuine 3 year warranty as we have total confidence in their design and durability and are proud to offer our customers the best after-sales care.

When you buy an original Innermost product you can trust in our high standards of intellectual property, ethical employment and environmental responsibility. And you can be sure that beautiful, genuine product will arrive in pristine condition.

Unfortunately, copies and imitations of our products do exist on the market.

Please beware of any fake products.
– These counterfeits most likely offer no assurances of CE, ETL, or WEEE certification: all the stuff that ensures they are safe for use and safe for the world.
– They rob designers of their royalties and can be crushingly harmful to the creative industry.
– It is unlikely that VAT is collected or tax is paid so purchasing them does not contribute to the economy and puts local shops and jobs at risk.
– The products are most likely not covered by any warranty, so money and time are wasted on replacements in the long term.

At innermost we want to continue to protect the IP rights of our designers and keep supporting creativity. If you are in doubt about the authenticity of a product for sale please let us know, we would be happier to offer you a discount for a genuine innermost product than for you to risk buying a dangerous imitation.

Thanks for continuing to support Innermost and original design.