• Introducing Madame Blush

Cheeky yet tastefully so, Madame Blush from Mineheart is the latest addition to our New Stand decor. Like our own stand design, it’s tradition meets modern day mischief, erupting in a splash of fluorescent colour.

A proud supporter of British design, Mineheart was launched in 2010 by dynamic designer duo Brendan Young and Vanessa Battaglia. With already two other design consultancies under their belt, Studiomold and Young & Battaglia, the two are internationally recognized and known for their playful approach to design and innovative re-appropriation of materials and imagery.

Together with other designers that share their passion for creation without restraint, they continue to develop the Lovable Collection of furniture, lighting, wallpaper and interior accessories at Mineheart. A carefully curated collection of experiments, thoughts and ideas that inspire, tell a story, or just plain put a smile on people’s faces.

Mineheart takes its name from the Shakespearian English words ‘mine’ and ‘heart’, meaning ‘my heart’.

Visit Mineheart online for more information!