• The Essential Collection
  • Boule Colourways, Pendants Light
    Boule, by innermost
  • Core, by innermost
  • Drop, by innermost
  • Innermost Jelly pendant family of different hues and sizes
    Jelly, by Stone Designs
  • Slider Innermost Pomelo Opal White Glass
    Pomelo, by Stone Designs

We are pleased to introduce the all new Essential Collection – a minimalist range of lamps in pure, unadulterated forms that speak to the materials from which they are crafted. Simple silhouettes allow these lamps to complement any interior, in clusters, rows, or even by their lonesome.


In the classic finishes of innermost best-seller – Beads, this is one small Boule with a great impact!

Core was designed by Steve Jones and Frankie Chan from innermost. It resembles a parison of molten glass, fresh from the furnace, its form still slowly being shaped by gravity’s pull.

Drop is a white frosted glass globe delicately topped with a white powder coated stainless steel cap. Resembling a drop of pristine pearl, it is reminiscent of the flourishes of the mid-century.

Transparent hand blown glass shades that seem to quiver in the light, colourful Jelly is a treat for the eyes. With four colours across two sizes, the collection truly comes alive when mixed and matched together.

POMELO is deliberately subtle. A quiet diffusion of light in white opal glass. Its stately, voluptuous form provides an ambient effect with a sculptural twist.