• The innermost Story

Where did it all start?

Back in central London in 1999, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron had a shared vision to create a company utilising their extended experience in design consultancy and furniture design. They had seen plenty of inspired ideas from raw, talented designers that were never being advanced beyond the conceptual. Realising that if they combined their design and manufacturing experience, these concepts could materialise into a unique and diverse range under a single brand. During these early discussions, the stand-out ideas were labelled those ‘close to their hearts’; ‘the inner thoughts; ‘the inner-most dreams’… And so, with a load of ideas, an in-depth manufacturing knowledge and the desire to turn stunning concepts into reality: innermost was born.

The innermost process

With our instinctive desire to rebel from the norm, innermost utilise materials and processes in unique ways to defy expectation. Our adept experience of manufacturing allows us to repurpose conventional approaches. Notably, we explore our passion for light and how illumination can be used as a raw material.

We are passionate about each design and every level of detail that goes into its manifestation. With our hands-on approach to manufacture, we travel across the globe sourcing the best quality materials and the most suitable producers for each product and every component. Whether we are prototyping in Hong Kong, using hand-blown glass by artisans in the Czech Republic, or doing bespoke engineering at our factory in the UK, we stay close to the manufacturing development at every level. And our proximity to the process means we regularly use our expertise in the industry to develop and manufacture products for other high end design houses in an OEM capacity. Learn more about our manufacturing process here.

At the inner-most of what we do…

Whether found in cafes, bars, or meetings rooms, our products are central in spaces that bring people together and celebrate the social side of life. Beyond the design development, seeing these concepts substantiated in public interior spaces is an important and thrilling part of the process. As designers, curators, industry experts, and mavericks, we thrive from taking wild ideas and creating beautiful, thoughtful and innovative products. We work with our clients to ensure that each piece continues to be cutting edge as we develop technological advances to keep our range absolutely relevant to the changing market.