Fashion Lighting Showroom

Great to visit the Fashion Lighting showroom in Taipei recently to see a variety of Innermost products on display, including the Brixton Cluster installed with a shallow drop format and alternating unit lengths. We’ve got some very exciting projects in the pipeline in Taiwan, we’ll share more soon!

Brixton Cluster by James Bartlett

Presentation in Palermo, Italy

We were proud to present the Innermost and EOQ collection last week at an architects evening hosted by Cocolumo in Palermo. The product presentation was followed by some drinks and networking at their lovely showroom. Thanks for having us and see you at Euroluce!

10 questions for Jake Phipps

10 questions for innermost’s contemporary lighting designers: Jake Phipps

Jake Phipps graduated from John Makepeace’s furniture design school, Parnham College, in 1999. In 2005, he set up his own design studio in London, concentrating on his own pieces.

His work is characterized by a narrative yet functional aesthetic full of character and with a playful design elegance that aims to strike a strong emotional chord with the people that use them.

We caught up with him to ask these big 10 questions…

1. You designed Jeeves & Wooster, iconic designs for Innermost, what inspired these quirky pendant lights?
The painting “The Son of Man” by Rene Magritte.

2. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty’..).
Arik Levy, Marc Newson, Anish Kapoor, Henry Moore, Naoto Fukasawa, Zaha Hadid.

3. What is your favourite piece of architecture?
St Pauls Cathedral.

4. What would you name as the most useful piece of tech?
Digital calipers.

5. If you could take any found object and make it into a lamp, what would it be?
Errr…a bowler hat

6. What’s your favourite object from childhood?

7. What’s the weirdest thing a client has ever asked in a meeting?
Could a bespoke cabinet play classical music when it was opened.

8. At Innermost we are big fans of the Negroni … what is your favourite cocktail?

9. What’s the last exciting project you worked on?
I have just completed a 1.7m floating bar in mirror polished brass.

10. If you could choose your teachers at Fantasy College – who would you choose to be taught by?
Walter Gropius.

You can see more of Jake’s work here.

Beetle Drive 2018

Innermost were proud sponsors of this year’s Beetle Drive event in Dubai organised by Reynard Lighting, labeled as ‘The Best Networking Event in the Construction Industry’ for a fun filled evening of games, drinks and chat, with over 62 teams taking part.
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With each sponsor getting their own bar, we took our Kepler & Jeeves pendants to display at our picturesque Azure Bar on the beach front at Jumeirah Resort. As the sun set, the Kepler illuminated against the backdrop and poolside, while we entertained new friends with our ‘Gin Hoopla’!

With a floor banner oche we invited teams to throw the bowler hats to land on the Ginnermost bottle to ‘Win The Gin’. With 3 oche lines marked innermost, mostand outermost (for the brave ones), at increasing distances, o the central gin target.

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Representing Jeeves, one of our most classic and recognised products, we sported bowler hats and collected pics of each team wearing them under our Jeeves pendant. Visit our Facebook page to find your team photo!

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Congratulations to the winning team, Menards, who took a bottle of Ginnermost as the grand prize!

And big thanks to Reynard for organising such an enjoyable event!


The New Definition of ‘Industrial’ in Lighting and Home Decor


New, Post, Soft, Salvage, Heritage, Technical; the term ‘Industrial’ is constantly being re-defined with the changing style of this genre. With the ever-evolving parameters of what can be classed as ‘industrial’, the Innermost team have been debating and defining the many sub-categories that come under this umbrella term.

We have spent the last few months categorising the innermost lighting range to make products quicker to find, as well as give immediate visual suggestions for items by style or material. From Large & Luxury,to Glass, Minimal or Brass/Copper/Gold – we settled on some of the most popular categories and terms that are used to spec modern lighting.

But one of the most debated was ‘Industrial’, a category that in recent times has really expanded to cover a variety of aesthetic styles. We often get asked for ‘Industrial’ though it came to light that our definition can be rather broad. One staple of this category is our latest addition to the collection, Foundry, an industrial item with sourced parts – that looks like something stripped out of a steampunk interior. But the category also extends to items like Lighthouse (part industrial, part science lab) or defined as ‘minimal industrial’ with bare bulbs and metallic finished bulb holders. The phrase ‘soft industrial’ (industrial that has been updated and modernised to make it less harsh- a term coined by industry guru Bobby Haidinger in the US market) can be used for products such as ‘Circus’, and then there is ‘modern industrial’ which references the modern tech industry.

What is interesting is how the genres are now being mixed so that technical schemes are combined with some basic industrial styles and are also incorporating high tech chandeliers. The look could be described as ‘workshop meets control room’. Also interestingly, in some areas the reclaimed industrial look is also being mixed with high-tech modern chandeliers.

This mixed modern lighting style all fits with the idea of zoning and the creation in many F&B interiors of what are really modern day ‘snugs’, an interior within an interior. The old fashioned ‘snug’ was a small alternative room in a British pub that was more like a cosy sitting room. It’s no longer just a thing in cafe and restaurant interiors, it’s also typical in the new shared workspace concepts that are in all major cities now, as well as inside meeting rooms and break out areas of traditional workplaces.

In trying to make sure we have the entire product to provide for our clients projects we have attempted to map this and make it easily searchable. You can visit our recently updated website and see all we consider to be industrial with one click! We will also be expanding the industrial Foundry collection in the coming months with 8 new options.

Keep checking our site for new additions to the categories and do join in the debate to define what important modern lighting categories you feel have emerged!

About Innermost

Innermost is a British design brand with a rebellious approach to lighting and furniture. Founded in London and working with designers from all over the world, Steve Jones and Russell Cameron aimed to create an innovative and diverse brand, making products of the absolute highest quality. Since 1999 the company has followed its initial philosophy, to be ‘as British as London itself’: a unique mixture of classic English tradition and vibrant global diversity.

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How Technology is Changing Interior Design, by Steve Jones

New technology is radically altering our interiors, all for the better, argues Steve Jones, co-founder of British furniture and lighting brand, Innermost.

Product: Core
Project: Hotel
Location: Vienna, Austria
Project and photo: BWM Architekten

“For years tech got in the way; since the first electrification of houses, interiors have been filled with trailing cables and routing things via nails right until recent times when the computer and the mass of AV gadgets in our living rooms took over.

I first started my career in the furniture industry designing office furniture for brands like Knoll and Vitra; back in the 80s and 90s, everything was about ‘cable management’ which really should have been called camouflage and control. When I look at modern office furniture I think today’s designers have it easy!

I’m now in lighting and there is little in a modern interior – other than the air we breath – that affects our view of a space more than light. Little more than 20 years ago domestic lighting had little choice and aside from a few very high-end brands, the most control you could get was a rotary dimmer. I remember when we first started Innermost and offered a dimmer unit on a product to a major UK retailer (who will remain nameless) I was told that it was a ‘luxury people won’t pay for’.  Well 20 years later we are on the brink of a human-centric lighting boom and we now offer control systems that ‘people’ can control from their phones – and they love it. It’s changed not just the lights people choose but how they use them and even when.

That same technology being wireless has not brought excessive cabling and this means the new tech isn’t just the preserve of new builds; you could put it into a grade 1 listed building without negative impact; no nails to bang.  More than that I can’t remember the last time I used a light switch in my own home, I just have the app open.  Will we remove light switches? It would certainly make decorating a lot easier.  My son who was given the app when as a 6 year old he was still scared of the dark does delight in turning the lights off whenever a guest goes into the toilet – for that reason so we won’t be getting e-locks in our apartment anytime soon; another area where the traditional copper and brass hardware has given way to tech.

I recall a report back when flatscreens were new that the demise of the cathode ray tube for brokers and bankers would free up 20% of all the office space in the city of London; dark predictions were made of empty office spaces and downward rents. That of course was ridiculous but in back to back desk layouts the idea that 20% of the space we had was dedicated to the CRT monitor was just something we’d got used to.  It took a few years but the same thing then happened with LED TV’s in the home; our living rooms suddenly looked bigger.  Now you can hang them on the wall and Samsung just showed a screen that blends into its interior; a product that really is there when you need it.

Interior designers and architects now understand the issues and are seeing how they need to design to get the best; my feeling is that in the future we will not only choose materials based on how we need to route signals but that ‘data-flow’ analysis might become a thing. If it does then you read it here first. Simply we will require our designers to create spaces that allow data to move and things to be seen no matter where they are within the interior.  I’m going to call it ‘Daflo’ analysis!

Remember just before cell phones boomed and there were 10 different phone companies all installing boxes on the streets and we all groaned at the impact; then cell phones meant all of that was scrapped and in a way, we cleaned up our streets a little.

After computers messed up our homes it was the turn of mobile phones to create cable tangles and the need for extension sockets to be trailed alongside chairs and all over offices.  The first change we saw was that the USB socket was included in ever more products allowing us to charge but now wireless charging potentially means cables will be within furniture (again) but this time surfaces will be clean.”

For more from Steve Jones on Technology, Furniture & Lighting, follow him on LinkedIn.

Top 5 Most Customised Lighting Designs – Innermost

At Innermost we love a bespoke project and being challenged by our customers to achieve their exact lighting project specifications. We often create totally bespoke pieces for clients, but a big part of our day to day challenges include customising products from the range to create something of a different size, material, colour or configuration. We thought we’d share our top 5 contemporary lighting pendants that we get asked to modify most often, and what we change from the original.


What we change: Colour

Most often adapted by colour – we get many requests for specific paint jobs on the Circus to match another hue in an interior.

In fact, we get so many requests for personalising the colour that we are bringing out a custom colour service at the end of summer! We will offer 20 standard colours to choose from (and many more on request) with a quick turnaround and a minimum of only 1 unit..! This will be available on Circus, but also pendants such as FoundryWe are also able to change cable colours as well as the shades, so there is the opportunity to get creative with bespoke combinations. 

Circus Customized Lighting Product


What we change: Configuration & interior reflector

We often get asked to turn Jeeves pendants into unique chandeliers, which always look fantastic. Like this bespoke piece at the Lai Bun Fu Restaurant in Hong Kong.

Jeeves Bespoke at Lai Bun Fu Hong Kong 01We are also often asked to change the interior reflector to match the decor of a project, such as above the mannequins in this Harvey Nichols store, which were changed from gold to silver.


What we change: Cap, ceiling rose & cable

Snowdrop is available in a juicy selection of colours but we can also offer other variations! Change the colour of the ‘caps’, the ceiling rose or choose contrasting cables to make it your own.


What we change: Materials & colour

After 18 years, we continue to produce most of our lampshades in the UK, at our facility in Shropshire. This ownership over the entire allows us to guarantee the highest standards of quality, as well as giving us the flexibility to make a quantity of 1 to 1000+.

For lampshades, the possibilities are endless: we are only limited by your imagination!

BBC North Bespoke 02


What we change: Whatever you can imagine! (just not a different size)

Asteroid is a product that is not inherently easy to adapt but it was in producing 2 ‘special requests’ that lead to the clear & dichromatic glass versions that are now a part of the range.

These popular changes prove that even better versions can come out of initial ideas and we are always open to working with our clients to develop something new. The custom colour Circus range and diachromatic Asteroid lights are just some examples where client input has initiated exciting & innovative developments. If you have ideas or requests for customised product, we would love to hear from you and for you to put us to the test!


Gin Time Party 2018

Oxo Tower was one of the key destinations for LDF this year and the bankside was buzzing over LDF.

We hosted 2 great nights at our showroom (which doubles as a private gin bar) hostingour annual ‘Gin time party’.

From the Kepler Sunrise to the Bloody Negroni & classic Ginnermost & tonic, we served (and sampled) plenty of innermost-inspired gin cocktails.

It’s great to see that the word has spread of ‘the best gin party of LDF’… We had a totally full house this year  – and apologies to those that could not make it in!