Decorex 2019

decorex lighting display

Thank you to everyone who came to see us @decorex_international this month. It’s always a great show and we loved exhibiting at the new venue, London Olympia.

10 questions for innermost’s designers: Naoki Ono of YOY

YOY [joi] is a Tokyo based design studio composed by Naoki Ono, a spatial designer, and Yuki Yamamoto, a product designer. Started in 2011, their design theme is to create a new story between space and objects.

Naoki Ono was born in Nagoya, 1981. He graduated in architectural design at Kyoto Institute of Technology in 2008.

Yuki Yamamoto was born in Nagoya, 1985. He graduated in industrial design at Kanazawa College of Art in 2008.

We got in touch with Naoki to ask these 10 big questions…

  1. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty’..)

Marcel Duchamp. I respect his works. And his birthday is same as mine 🙂

2. What is your favourite piece of architecture? 

21st Museum of Contemporary Art,Kanazawa by SANNAA. This is the first contemporary architecture I visited after I started studying architecture at university.

3. What would you name as the most useful piece of tech?


4. If you could take any found object and make it into a lamp,what would it be? 


5. What’s your favourite object from childhood?


6. What’s the funniest or weirdest thing a client has ever asked for or said in a meeting?

…I can’t think of any…

7. At innermost we are big fans of the Negroni.. What’s your favourite cocktail?

I don’t drink cocktails very often. I like beer:)

8. What’s the last thing you designed?

 This prototype

This product in the market

9. If you could choose your teachers at Fantasy College – who would you choose to be taught by?

Marcel Duchamp

Check out more inspirational work by YOY here.

How to Style Your Interiors with The Right Pendant Lighting

joseph pendant light over kitchen and living space

Gather inspiration online

Pinterest is an amazing source of interior inspiration and you can create your own mood boards in minutes, gathering ideas from so many sources. Placing images next to each other allows you to quickly get a feel for how the mix of influences will work together. For lighting in particular, it can be hard to visualise the scale & effect without looking at a few examples. Take a look at Innermost’s boards as a starting point for pendant lighting inspiration. You can then find boards based on more specific search terms, such as residential interiors, cool offices or retail spaces.

Consider the light temperature

How do you want to feel when you’re in the room? Is it a space to be inspired or to feel calm..? Consider this early on as it will affect what style of lighting you go for and the type of aesthetic. If you don’t know about lighting specifications, talk to the lighting manufacturer or retailer who can advise what you need to achieve your desired atmosphere. We are always happy to help talk through your design plans.

Pendant Light Ideas

Don’t be afraid to go big!

We say this a lot at innermost, but it continues to be one of our top pieces of advice. Large scale pendants can create a stunning effect. If you have high ceilings then you can get really adventurous with deep dish shades and oversized pendants. We also offer a number of flat format chandeliers that will work for more compact spaces to give the same amount of impact.

Pendant Light Ideas

Metallics are always on trend

Gold and copper lights reflect beautifully, give an impression of luxury and add to the ambience. A high quality brass or copper lamp will be an investment piece. Choose a classic shape that will not date, such as the stunning Bramah or Joseph pendant lamps by EOQ.
Use metallics with neutral backdrops to keep on trend this year.

Pendant Light Ideas

Try a cluster

Mixing pendants in a small group at different heights is called a ‘cluster’ and can create a lovely effect. It might seem complicated but using a selection of a few pendants is highly effective. Mix pendant styles and materials to give a contemporary finish.

Pendant Light Ideas

Browse our collection for more ideas of pendant lighting that will bring great style into your interior.

Custom Colours

Get Innermost lighting in custom colours!

We have launched our custom colour service which means you can get our best-selling pendants in the colour of your choice, with minimums as low as 1.

We have 25 custom colours available, with more options available on request. The custom colour service is an affordable way to get customised lighting for a single interior or for a large-scale project.
This service is available on a selection of our lighting including: Foundry, Latitude, Circus, Portobello, Chelsea, Hoxton, Bracket & Bolt with more to come soon.

Contact us now for more details on the new bespoke colour service.

10 Questions for Flynn Talbot

10 questions for innermost’s contemporary lighting designers: Flynn Talbot

Flynn Talbot operates a specialized lighting design studio in London, where he designs innovative, contemporary lighting fixtures. Whether designing for mass production or for an interior installation, Talbot’s starting point is always the same; he considers the “light effect” around which every project is constructed. Using this method Talbot has created multiple timeless products, with a focus on the light quality and user connection.

We got in touch to ask him these 10 big questions…

  1. You designed the Latitude for Innermost. Nice one! What inspired you?

This was actually an extension of an earlier limited edition piece I did in Berlin called X&Y. I wondered how a sphere could be freely suspended in space and set about pondering how to achieve this in a streamlined way.

2. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty’..)

Freddie Mercury, Andy Warhol & Zooey Deschanel.

3. What is your favourite piece of architecture?

Louisiana museum in Denmark.

4. What would you name as the most useful piece of tech? Or alternatively the most pointless..?

A smart phone is both I think. We can do so many great things but we’ve all seen so many people swiping away and missing life.

5. If you could take any found object and make it into a lamp, what would it be?

A huge piece of coal. It would be interesting to work with something that seemed to be the opposite of light.

6. What’s your favourite object from childhood?

A book on architecture that my parents bought me for my 12th birthday.

7. What’s the funniest or weirdest thing a client has ever asked for or said in a meeting?

I have signed too many NDA’s! Sorry.

8. At innermost we are big fans of the Negroni.. What’s your favourite cocktail?

I don’t drink alcohol. I haven’t touched a drop in over 3 years now.

9. What’s the last thing you designed?

I’m working right now on a new collection that should launch during London Design Festival.

10. If you could choose your teachers at Fantasy College – who would you choose to be taught by?

Ron Arad, because he doesn’t seem to obey any rules. Andy Warhol, for similar reasons.

Thanks Flynn! Find more of his work and latest projects here.

How to Choose the Right Lighting for Your Home

Slider Brixton Spot 50 in Private Residence, Pendant Lights, Innermost

Choosing the right lighting for the different rooms in your home can be complicated. There’re bright lights, and dim lights, and hanging lights, and wall lights, and chandelier lights, and LED lights; there are so many lights! And if you’ve been to a store that carries lights, you’ll understand precisely what we mean.

A lot of time and effort go into selecting the perfect lights that are right for you and the space they’re going in. For instance, you need to make sure you’ve chosen lights with an actual functional purpose, with the right amount of illumination shining off them, and with a stylistic element to add to the room’s aesthetic. You can’t put a simple, yet modern ceiling light in a room full of antique furniture, it just won’t match!

That’s what we’re going to help you out with. If you’re looking to learn a little bit more about the lighting options you have, and how to choose the right lighting for every room in your home, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s get started because there’s a lot to cover!

There are three types of lighting… What are they?

First, let’s start with the different types of lighting you can choose from:

1.    Ambient Lighting

2.    Task Lighting

3.    Accent Lighting

Often, you’ll find that every room has at least two different types of lighting, but there are times when a room will have all three. Check out what each kind of light does below.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is generally the primary source of light found in a room. They can be anything from overhead fixtures to recessed lighting.

Usually, the amount of ambient lighting a room has will be decided by your contractor. He or she will likely measure the lighting in “foot-candles,” or how bright a light is one foot away from its ‘home.’ Typically, kitchens and bathrooms will need brighter lighting or more “foot-candles.”

Task Lighting

Task lighting is used to provide light for certain activities, like reading a book or doing your make up in front of a mirror. These lights are never used to brighten an entire room, just a small area of the room.

Task lights come in all shapes and sizes. They can be mounted on a wall, sit on a desk, or be implanted into a mirror. Some of them even have swivel or rotating capabilities to go wherever you need them to be, and at whatever angle you need them to be.

Accent Lighting

Accent lighting is the most decorative lighting in a room. These lights typically draw attention to something that you admire in the house, such as a painting, fireplace or bookshelf. In general, these lights make something stand out for all your guests to see.

Accent lights can be simple and elegant, but they can also, but they can also be luxurious and out-there. Chandeliers, sconces, and lamps all act as accent lights.

There are lighting categories, too.

Now that you know the details about what types of lighting you can choose from, next you’ll have to learn of the lighting options you have. Let’s check them out.


Sconces are always directly mounted on the wall. They can be hardwired into the wall, or a cord can hang down to be plugged in.

Typically, wall sconces are purchased in pairs, each on either side of a mirror or a fireplace. Swing-arm sconces, on the other hand, are usually mounted by themselves as an accent light, bringing attention to a piece of art or a bookcase.

Flush Mounts & Semi-Flush Mounts

Both mounting lights are typically rooted in the ceiling, where they brighten the room and allow for extra walking space. In other words, they don’t take away from the room; the most they’ll hang away from the ceiling is approximately six to twelve inches.


Pendant lights are not like mounting lights, in that they do hang drastically low from the ceiling by a cord, chain, or wire of some sort.

A pendant’s primary function is to act as a task light, hanging above a dining room table or a kitchen island. They do range in size.


Chandeliers can be referred to as a large lighting system, as it gives off more than one light source at a time. These lights are always suspended from the ceiling, and they can be functional or decorative depending on where you place them in the house.


You probably already have a floor lamp or a table lamp in your home, but if you don’t, it’s another option to add to your choices. Lamps don’t brighten an entire room, which makes them a perfect candidate for a task light.

This light category has endless options to choose from. What’s more, is that they’re easy to move around the room and they’re quite inexpensive.

Each room needs a different lighting scheme… what could it be?

Almost every house has an entryway, living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom. Let’s see what each room should have for lighting!


The entryway is the first place your guests will see in your home, which means you’ll want to make it friendly and inviting. Don’t pick a bunch of task lights and accent lights to shed brightness in certain areas of the room. Instead, try mounting a chandelier in the middle of the ceiling (this works well with tall ceilings).

If you don’t have a tall ceiling, that’s okay. Try to choose a lighting fixture that sends out a warm tone.

Living Room

The living room is made for entertainment or relaxation. With that being said, you’ll want to be able to have access to bright light if needed, but you won’t want to use the bright light all the time. Here, floor lamps, table lamps, and sconces will be your best friends.

Dimmer switches are also great for living rooms; that way, you can put the bright light on and dim it according to the mood of the room.

Dining Room

The dining room needs a bright enough light for you to converse and eat at the dinner table comfortably; that does not mean you should go out and purchase LED lights!

Instead, try placing a chandelier directly in the middle of the dining room table. If you don’t like the look of a chandelier get a couple of pendant lights and hang them over the dining room table; remember, don’t get extremely low pendant lights, you don’t want to be hitting your head on them consistently.


The kitchen can be difficult to light; as different areas of the room require different lighting schemes. For instance, you’ll want to put bright lighting over the kitchen island, but you’ll want to have dimmer lighting in areas of the kitchen that are not used as often.

If you have a wide sink, an open bar, or a beautiful kitchen island, pendant lights will be your best choice, both functionally and stylistically.


The bedroom needs warm lighting, nothing more. You’ll want to center the room around task lighting, that way you’ll be able to read while relaxing, or watch television with a lamp on by your bedside table.

Living rooms operate nicely with a dimmer switch, but bedrooms do, too. If you decide on a dimmer switch, you’ll be able to provide bright light when necessary, like during cleaning.


The bedroom is a place where light becomes a necessity. Sconces and bright LED lights are recommended above the mirrors in the bathroom, as these areas are key focal points in the bathroom.

Be sure to put these lights near face height, as you’ll get the best usage out of them here.

We’ve covered the types of lights, the lighting options you have, and a few examples of what lights to put in the different rooms of your house. Now, the choice is all yours, but at least you know all you need to know to start on your lighting endeavors!

Written by Nikki Kingsley

Looking to add new Lighting to your space? Check out our trusty retailers ↓

Dowsing & Reynolds, Utility Design, Holloways of Ludlow, Lighting Lover, Beut, Amara, Naken and David Village Lighting.

Copper Pendant Light: Inspiring Ideas To Light Up Your Home

brixton cluster aluminium pendant light in copper

It’s no secret that copper accents enhance interiors with a metallic luster that look stunning against both light and dark color schemes. Copper pendant lights are a fantastic way of bringing copper tones into an interior, combining the warm tones of the metallic gleam with soft lighting for double the effect.

Copper lighting can work in a surprising number of areas in the home – don’t overlook rooms such as the bathroom where modern pendant lighting makes an unexpected statement. A simple pendant like the copper Boule will work perfectly against simple white tiles in a bathroom or kitchen. As well as minimal pieces there are some fantastic statement pendant lights available in copper tones, and we’ve gathered a few examples to inspire you to light up your home.

One of our favourite examples of minimal copper lighting is inside this pretty pastel room, which brings in single copper units to give a tougher side to the pink base colour.

The new copper Brixton Spot looks sumptuous, mixing crushed velvet, metallic copper and pastel pink. A single pendant of Brixton 20 gives an effective and sophisticated look, showing a simple designer light can give a big impact.

Private Residence in Rome
Photographer: Eller Vainicher
Architects: Filippo Bombace and Teresa Paratore

Glaze Pendant Light in Private Residence in Rome

This beautifully light and bright interior, designed by Carlos Garcia Interiors features our Glaze pendant light in Cream & Copper. The Glaze pendant is framed by bold colours, patterns and textiles, as light floods the spacious apartment. A great example of a modern copper light working against a busy and colourful backdrop.
Check out more wonderful interiors by Carlos Garcia here.

London Private Residence
Design: Carlos Garcia

Bramah Pendants in London Private Residence

This open-plan kitchen with marble, brushed aluminum & wood accents ticks all the boxes! Here the copper pendants really add to the sense of luxury with high-end fittings and minimal space. The use of the mirror also multiplies the copper pendants giving a greater sense of space and doubling the pendants in use. The designers make great use of the Bramah pendants by EOQ, for luxury contemporary lighting.

Private Residence, Sydney, Australia
Project: by Bates Smart

Beads in Private Residence, Sydney, Australia

If you want to make a bold statement with some contemporary pendant chandeliers then look no further than Beads for maximum impact. Spheres of copper create these striking forms which, when lit, provide an array of infinite reflections, as if the interior was inlaid with jewels. The copper tones of these pendants wonderfully highlight the oranges in the room they have been placed in

Private Residence London
Designer: Morph Interior

Beads in Private Residence London

Copper is a great tone that works with many different color schemes and will be a timeless investment for decorative lighting. Check our further inspiration on our Pinterest board of metallics inspiration.

10 Questions for Peter Wall of Assemblyroom

innermost designers peter and cathy wall

10 questions for innermost’s contemporary lighting designers: Peter Wall, Assemblyroom

Founded by Peter and Cathy Wall in 2003, Assemblyroom is a London based design practice with a strong reputation for creativity in both commercial interior and furniture design. Peter studied Interior Design at Middlesex University and Furniture Design at Oslo National College of Art and Design, whilst Cathy studied Furniture and Product Design at Kingston University. Both then went on to gain experience in commercial practice, engaging in a collaborative and human centred approach, that is still an important part of their design ethos today.

Having established Assemblyroom and undertaken a wide and diverse range of interior projects, the pair went on to develop their interest in small batch production, where their enthusiasm for form, function and materials led to the creation of a range of quality pieces that combine simplicity and elegance with colour and a sense of playfulness. The Assemblyroom collection reflects a timeless quality and an understated familiarity, and this is evident in the Portobello pendant light. We caught up with them to ask 10 big questions..

1. You designed the new Portobello for Innermost, what inspired these beautiful pendant lamps?  
The Portobello Light draws inspiration from the simplicity and functionality of industrial warehouse lighting of a bygone era.

2. Who would you invite to your dream designer dinner party? (Let’s call it your ‘innerparty’..)  
Too many to list, but here’s a few… Jasper Morrison, David Adjaye, David Byrne, David Hockney, Wes Anderson & Eley Kishimoto; or is that too many Davids!

3. What is your favourite piece of architecture?
Again, there are so many, but if I had to choose, it would probably be the Stahl House by Pierre Koenig

4. What would you name as the most useful piece of tech?
Digital callipers & a coffee machine.

5. If you could take any found object and make it into a lamp, what would it be?  
Coiled spring

6. What’s your favourite object from childhood?  

7. What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever been asked in a meeting?  
Can you design it to look like my Grandad’s workbench, but with three legs!

8. At Innermost we are big fans of the Negroni… what is your favourite cocktail?
It’s got to be a margarita, every time!

9. What’s the last exciting project you worked on?
A new Lounge Chair, which is being launched this May

10. If you could choose your teachers at Fantasy College – who would you choose to be taught by?  
Pierre Koenig, Jasper Morrison, Alvar Aalto, Donald Judd and David Hockney

Thanks Peter! Find out more about Assemblyroom and their latest projects here.